chapter  2
31 Pages

The order of content

ByFrank Lyons, Alicja Andreasik Lyons, Frank Lyons

Chapter 2 picks up the theme of objectivity and distinguishes between naturally given scientific objects and the culturally generated objects of the arts. Natural objects are given; cultural objects have to be created. This sets up an initial distinction between the sciences and the arts, scientists examine the given objects of the world; artists must first create their own objects. The relationship between the subject and object is presented within the context of the Western tradition of Philosophy, leading to an explanation of how the orderliness of cultural disciplines is developed through use. The ‘use’ of a cultural object is seen as the basis of primary communication. From an exploration of natural objects and basic cultural artefacts we move to an exploration of the more complex objects of art and architecture. These discussions lead to some initial and tentative explorations about the distinctions between the subjective and objective dimensions of art. Ultimately we come to the understanding that the qualitative dimensions of the arts are limited to objective characteristics and that the relationship between form and content is symbiotic; content gives rise to form, just as form suggests content.