chapter  4
44 Pages

The logic of aesthetics

ByFrank Lyons, Alicja Andreasik Lyons, Frank Lyons

Chapter 4 explores how the same gestalt organising structures underlie all mental operations, including logical operations and there follows a comparison of the organisational structures of logic with the organisational structures of the arts. The primary quality of a logical operation is that it is reversible and for an operation to be logically reversible we learn that the two elements in a relationship must be equivalent. Such equivalences are expressed in symmetries or in the balancing of opposites and these types of formal relationships we find not only in logical structures but also in the arts. A large part of this chapter is devoted to the examination of such structures in art, poetry, music and architecture. Ultimately our discussion leads to an examination of how meaning is carried by culture and how cultural disciplines facilitate communication. At the end of this chapter we bump into a paradox at the heart of culture, and at the heart of this book, namely if each person lives within their own personal world, how does cultural communication take place?