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(Sexual) politics of the ordinary

Inevitably, Consumer Sexualities has not been able to capture every kind of perspective on sex shopping. Considering a few of these 'missing voices' in conclusion not only suggests future directions for sex shopping research. This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the key concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book. The book presents the accounts of a number of women who were reticent to engage with particular areas of sex shopping. The nature of postfeminist whiteness; how it is defined against exoticised and/or orientalised racial others, as in the Sex and the City movies. With an Ann Summers store on pretty much every British high-street, it is strange to think back to a time when the store's sex toys and 'exotic lingerie' were utterly taboo. The analysis demonstrates that it is only through exploration of realm of the everyday that potential for slippages and resistances in taking up of these technologies of the sexual self become apparent.