chapter  3
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Secondary incomes

Me and our Flimp - Flimpy, that was my uncle - used to drive old Peter to take this washing back every Friday . . . all round Oxford, up Banbury Road, up Woodstock Road, all them houses . . . Granny Webb worked for . . . Used to have this old Peter, used to have to borrow him off of Uncle Tom - old Tom Webb, lived opposite the school - you know, you’ve heerd talk of him - we used to generally take it at night time . . . if it was summer time we’d start about four, then . . . take our time . . . We used to deliver round Oxford . . . on a Friday. Alius took the washin’ back on a Friday, yes and I think it was Cudd’sdon College on a Thursday . . . Granny Webb was very good at gettin’ them up - doing them white, you know - what the choir ’ud wear - surplices, they was very particular on them - that was one big hamper from Cudd’sdon, they used to have to be done white, and Granny Webb was a good washer - she ’ud do ’em - one or two people ’ad ’em, they didn’t do ’em so well as Granny Webb did, see . . . It was white clean washing - Oh there was two big hampers like this, look, much as we could lift up in this old cart . . . that ’ud be on a Thursday, and then we used to have to take them round the Banbury Road on a Friday.