chapter  11
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Reporting Aging Research

Disseminating or sharing the research findings is one of the last steps in the research process. While there are many routes to dissemination, all share some common elements. This chapter outlines the basic elements of research-report writing across several types of written products, provides good writing practice guidelines. The chapter also outlines the grant-proposal process and scholarly, peer-reviewed academic journal submissions. Funding and ways to assess journal quality are provided. Many writing strategies can be employed to stimulate writing, and each writer must find his or her individual preference and path. One strategy is to allocate the same time each day, 30-45 minutes or so, to sitting down and writing or doing research to forward an existing work. Electronic reminders, writing software programs, and distraction-blocking programs and apps can also aid in the writing process. The chapter ends with providing federal and foundation-level funding information and the National Institute of Health scoring criteria.