chapter  8
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Emerging and Future Methods

This chapter introduces new trends in research designs and methodological approaches in gerontology. It outlines new qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods designs while acknowledging that the lines between these methods are continually becoming blurred and overlapping. Qualitative emergent methods are embracing the arts and humanities and include photography (photovoice), drawing, painting sculpture, film, performance, visual diaries, and a range of digital and technology-inclusive methods. These methods include persons of all cognitive statuses and call for even greater reflexivity on the part of the researcher. Emergent quantitative methods include a mixing of biological and performance-based data with person-based reports and the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and sensors. More complex mathematical models are being developed to address the Age-Period-Cohort issue and to display individual and group data to truly reflect a lifecourse perspective. Mixed methods continue to evolve and gain use in practice and publication. Emergent mixed methods have requirements of both the new quantitative and qualitative methods.