chapter  9
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Quantitative, Qualitative Software and Computer-Assisted Research

This chapter introduces the reader to the range of computerized software programs available for quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods data. It describes common features of each type of computer software program (quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods). The chapter gives an overview of instances/situations when each brand-name software program may have its best application and when to use each one. Screenshots of several brand-name programs are provided so the reader can become familiar with their look and format. The chapter considers the General Social Survey (GSS) data drawn from the GSS Data Explorer from the University of Chicago to illustrate all concepts. The GSS is an omnibus survey that covers a broad range of topics and is free to download from the GSS Data Explorer. Sample output with interpretation of results/output is provided for crosstabs for quantitative data and the analogous co-occurrence tables in qualitative software. The chapter addresses aspects of data analysis in terms of their relation to reading output.