chapter  10
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After polarity

Findings and aftermath

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book. By formulating and applying the concept of world political systems, the book seeks to broaden and advance the study of great powers and polarity. The aggregate data offer original findings in gauging systemic transitions, post-transitional predictions, structural shifts, hegemonic behavior, structural longevity, and nonpolar configurations. The scientific study of polarity assumes that the accumulation of data and its systemic analysis can offer a robust and conclusive understanding of the overarching factors associated with hegemonic state behavior, polarity formation, and observable transitional patterns. By broadening the breath and scope of polarity research to the wider historical process through the inclusion of several world political systems, the myopism of Eurocentrism and the problem of data limitation can been attenuated. By covering the macropolitical developments of various systems throughout world history, a more inclusive body of data is ascertained.