chapter  5
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The consequences of regime interaction

WithBeatriz Martinez Romera

Chapter 4 detailed the types of interaction relevant to the research topic, where the presence of tensions and the existence of opportunities for synergy between regimes were identified. This chapter explores the consequences, or outcomes, of these interactions, framed by the regulatory, operational and conceptual interactions set out in the previous chapter. This entails the conflicts and synergies resulting from the overlapping regimes, mainly focused on the significance of interaction from a law-making perspective. The consequences analyzed here are not exhaustive or fixed, since regimes are in constant evolution and can develop new interactions, and thus consequences. However, the consequences discussed in this chapter are the most relevant ones, as identified by participants to the regimes and/or in the academic literature. Although the chapter divides consequences into conflicts and synergies, this division is not clear cut since there may be synergistic aspects to conflicts and vice versa.