chapter  2
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Choosing the “right” career

Many empirical studies have demonstrated that given people are social beings, "satisfaction in one domain is associated with satisfaction in the other", in other words, psychoanalytically speaking, "work and genital sexuality have a stimulating influence on each other". Freud, Erik Erikson tells people, said that "to love and work" were the central therapeutic goals of psychoanalysis, these being the twin pillars of a sound mind and for living the "good life". For Freud and his followers, it is the experiences in childhood played out mainly within the nuclear family that significantly affect career direction and occupational choice. From a classical psychoanalytic perspective, roughly defined as one that is in sync with Freud's instinct-dominated outlook, "the work of an adult" emanates "from his work as a child". Oral eroticism refers to sensuous pleasure emanating from the mouth like in sucking and eating, while oral sadism is the pleasure in hurting by biting, as in biting the breast and "biting" remarks.