chapter  10
TRIPS anew – and possible future directions
WithDavid Price, Alhanoof AlDebasi
Pages 20

The primary objective of this work has been to examine the endeavours of the Arabian Peninsula States – namely the GCC member States of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and Jordan and Yemen as prospective GCC members – in establishing national intellectual property protection regimes which both meet their international treaty obligations and are also congruent with their domestic policy objectives and needs. The minimum standards benchmark for this examination has been the WTO’s TRIPS Agreement of 1995 (TRIPS), since all these States needed to accede to and fully comply with TRIPS as a condition of WTO membership. The work encompasses the status of intellectual property protection prior to the introduction of the WTO and TRIPS (the ‘pre-TRIPS stage’), the States’ response to their obligations to meet TRIPS requirements (‘TRIPS and post-TRIPS stage’), the impact of external influences through bilateral trade agreements (‘TRIPS-plus stage’) and areas which fall outside the TRIPS protection spectrum (‘TRIPS-minus stage’).