chapter  7
Education and/as violence
BySimon McGrath
Pages 21

This chapter presents a more critical line regarding education's own role in violence. It considers arguments about education as a set of systems, institutions and actors that generates multiple forms of violence. As with securitisation, the 'education for extremism' account has received particular attention since the iconic events of September 11th, 2001. It is relatively uncontroversial to argue that education is affected by conflict, as demonstrated by the 2011 Global Monitoring Report. The journey into the dark underbelly of education will allow people to visit issues of education's role in increasing levels of ethnic/racial, sexual and class-based violence. The chapter explores how education works under capitalism in order to reinforce power imbalances and protect the system from challenge. Fiction and autobiography from the South have often captured the mix of linguistic and epistemological violence inflicted by education. Sanctioned physical violence perpetrated on children, commonly known as corporal punishment, is still the reality for learners in many schools globally.