chapter  3.1
Building Inclusive Communities of Engaged Learners
WithAlison Peacock
Pages 11

This unit focuses on how to establish a culture of irresistible learning for every single child within your class. Teaching is a brilliant and worthwhile role full of daily opportunities to make a difference to children’s lives. I became a teacher because, in contrast with my own experience of being at school, I decided that I would like to create a classroom environment where no-one would feel overlooked, bored or uncomfortable. I was the head teacher of a primary school with nursery for over a decade. During that time, the school was transformed from being in ‘special measures’ to becoming an outstanding teaching school and educational research centre. Throughout my teaching career, I have been inspired by the principles of Learning without Limits (Hart et al, 2004; Swann et al., 2012; Peacock, 2016). When my school was studied for Creating Learning without Limits (Swann et al., 2012), the research team uncovered seven key dispositions for leadership and learning. These dispositions enabled a culture of opportunity for everyone and refused to set a limit on what might be achieved. This ethos provided the background for pedagogy, curriculum and assessment in our school and enabled many children (and adults) to achieve much more than anyone could have expected. More recently Assessment for Learning without Limits (Peacock, 2016) documents ways that we can assess progress in classrooms without resorting to endless tick sheets and ‘data drops’.