chapter  3.5
Handling Difficulties in Social, Emotional and Behaviour Development
WithJanice Wearmouth, Louise Cunningham
Pages 12

This unit focuses on difficulties experienced by children who demonstrate features of social, emotional and behavioural problems in schools, and ways to minimise the incidence of problematic behaviour. Schools play a critical part in shaping a young child’s identity as a learner (Bruner, 1996). Use of the terms ‘emotional and behavioural difficulties’ (EBD) (DES, 1978), or ‘social, emotional and behavioural difficulties’ (SEBD), as a label for some students who behave inappropriately is not always helpful. Poulou and Norwich (2002: 112) conclude, from a review of international studies, that the more you, as a teacher, think student behaviour stems from problems within students themselves, such the ‘child’s innate personality’, ‘the more you may experience feelings of "stress” and even "helplessness”’, and the less you may feel able to cope with difficult behaviour.