chapter  9.1
Applying for Jobs and Preparing for your Induction Year
WithJane Medwell
Pages 11

Your ITT provider will make a recommendation to the National College for Teaching and Leadership concerning the award of QTS, which is the first step in your career. Gaining QTS is rather like passing your driving test – you will be safe to teach a class, but will still have plenty to learn about teaching. The next step comes during your year as a newly qualified teacher (NQT), when induction acts as a bridge between ITT and a career in teaching. Induction should provide a personalised programme that supports you in moving towards an assessment of your performance against the relevant teaching standards. After passing induction, you can be employed as a teacher in a maintained school. You only get one chance to pass induction, and so it is important you find the right job to do it in. Towards the end of your training, you will devote considerable energy to finding the right job for you. This is a job that you feel happy in and one that offers you the professional development you need to become a better teacher. By preparing your goals for the induction year thoughtfully, you can ensure you get the support you need in your NQT year. This unit should help you.