chapter  9.3
Research and Professional Development
Using research and enquiry to develop as a teacher
WithCathy Burnett
Pages 11

One of the most exciting – and perhaps challenging – dimensions of learning to teach is that the learning never stops. We cannot underestimate the complexity of teaching, of developing inclusive approaches to facilitate all our pupils’ learning, while responding to their emotional and social needs, and organising classes of children, given limited space and resources. Moreover, we find that approaches that work well for one child or in one context do not work for others, that policy changes place new demands on us as professionals, or that there are broader shifts in society – such as developments in new technologies – that have implications for education. We never ‘master’ teaching, but rather engage in ongoing reappraisal as we review, interrogate and re-evaluate how we are supporting children’s learning, and the values and beliefs that underpin what we do.