chapter  1
17 Pages

Ethical Issues and Analytical Procedures

WithPaul Martin Lester, Stephanie A. Martin, Martin Smith-Rodden

To name a few recent media examples from advertising, entertainment, journalism, and public relations sources: Pop star Meghan Trainor removed a music video in which the producers digitally slimmed her waist without, as she claims, her approval. Ethics is the study of how people actually behave and how they should behave toward other persons, sentient beings, and systems. Many seem to confuse the concept of morals and ethics. Although interconnected, their differences are important and should be understood. After a gruesome image of dead or grieving victims of a tragic event is presented to the public in either the print or screen media, many viewers are often repulsed and offended by the picture. The study of ethics has been improved and made easier to understand by orderly systems of analysis of particularly challenging case studies. The golden rule is one that is known worldwide and valued in different traditions and philosophies.