chapter  11
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Editing Challenges

WithPaul Martin Lester, Stephanie A. Martin, Martin Smith-Rodden

Editing concludes this book devoted to visual ethics because it is the most complex issue that visual communicators face. The ethical dilemma is lifted from the photojournalist and given to the editor who must decide whether to publish the picture and how it should be presented to the news organization's audience. In 2017 the social media platform Facebook struggled with a series of gruesome and unforeseen uses of what was thought to be an innocent and entertaining feature introduced to users. Facebook Live was meant to display birthdays, weddings, and walk in the woods recorded by users wanting to share these moments with their friends. In the case of military malfeasance, wrongful actions committed in the name of its citizens, that citizenry has the right and the editors have the duty to show its leaders and others at its worse.