chapter  6
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Typography and Graphic Design

WithPaul Martin Lester, Stephanie A. Martin, Martin Smith-Rodden

Associations or relationships that are based on promises to oneself, other persons, organizations, companies, countries, and concepts are considered loyalties. As such, they are intricate and intimate components of what makes one person, himself. In many ways the role-related responsibilities, whether in personal or professional settings, that make one's "job" requirements unique are closely associated with the loyalties one treasures. Loyalty to oneself, a highly hedonistic approach, rules the actions of those thus described. For Johannes Gutenberg, his loyalty to himself led him to only work toward his dream to retire in financial comfort. Gaining inspiration from an artist's creation should be encouraged. Combining pictures and words on substrates from stone to monitors defines the field of graphic design. Although typefaces are highly symbolic line drawings with emotional impact, typography describes their singular use in layouts. Sometimes ethical issues are common to both typography and graphic design.