chapter  9
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Mixed and Virtual Reality

WithPaul Martin Lester, Stephanie A. Martin, Martin Smith-Rodden

On the academic side, university programs have collaborated with virtual reality (VR) startups and news organizations to train a new generation of immersive storytellers. From assignments offered within traditional photojournalism classes such as at the University of Texas at Dallas to entire courses concentrated on augmented reality and VR production such as those offered at Syracuse University, students learn to use the technology to engage viewers as never before. The fact that VR is unlike any other medium might help explain the fact that one has read about 2,500 words explaining what it is. Such a background with examples is not necessary for photography and the web. There are also technical manipulations that are often employed by VR producers that are necessary to consider. Within a virtual world with a pair of goggles tightly strapped on one's head and all traces of reality eliminated, it is perhaps easy to feel a part of a scene shown through high definition images.