chapter  3
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Source reduction of delinquency and youth violence

WithTim Goddard, Randy Myers

Beginning in the 1980s, a proactive approach for intervening on the problem of juvenile delinquency and youth violence ascended in popularity. This approach embraced a public health model. For those working directly with young people, an assortment of resources can be used to identify programs and curricula that have been found to prevent youth crime and unhealthy behaviors. In safer countries, structural variables related to crime are addressed alongside individual-level ones. Dozens of centers housed in universities, government agencies, and public policy bodies are devoted to evidence-based programs and the framework of prevention science. The Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development is a registry that ranks evidence-based programs designed to promote the health and well-being of youth. Scholars largely agree that what differentiates violent countries from non-violent countries are social and economic policies that cushion the blow of competitive capitalism and lower levels of inequality Blueprints programs target "all levels of needs", including family-, school-, and community-based levels.