chapter  6
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Managing support

WithHelen Harris

This chapter focuses on managing the human resources – the additional adults known as teaching assistants (TAs) or support/learning/inclusion/curriculum assistants. The appropriate deployment of support underpins success or failure in many a classroom. Geography teachers who can demonstrate effective deployment of TAs and an understanding of how their support can raise achievement will be best placed to secure an allocation of TA time. The suggestions for TA deployment can be used by a teacher to indicate specific tasks for a lesson. The teacher communicated to the TA that, as a minimum, he expected all students to know and understand the key words. He expected that the majority would be able to sequence the events of the water cycle correctly and that some students might access some extension activities relating to erosion and weathering. Supporting students is about developing strategies to access geographical content in a stimulating way; it is about developing enquiring minds and supporting students to ask geographical.