chapter  10
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Progression and assessment

This chapter provides details of publications with lists of assessment criteria and examples of assessment grids. From an assessment perspective, portfolios are more likely to fulfil the criteria of validity than reliability. The problem here facing drama teachers is similar to that with which English teachers have to contend in the context of oral work, when actual records other than teacher's judgements are required for the purposes of external assessment. To make sense of progression and assessment in drama it is necessary to abandon notions of exactitude and precision and think more in terms of broad indicators and approximations. Tolerance of 'rough edges' is easier when using progression frameworks to plan schemes of work but feels less appropriate in the case of assessment because making judgements about pupils' attainment should not be taken lightly. Influenced by National Curriculum frameworks in other subjects, writers in 1990s started to produce more prescriptive accounts of progression using attainment targets and levels of attainment.