chapter  6
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Activities for creating drama

This chapter aims to describe some of the conventions which are likely to be most useful to the newcomer to drama and to give an account of how they might be best introduced to classes, along with possible pitfalls to be anticipated. It explores advantages and limitations of seeing drama teaching in terms of discrete conventions is one of the themes. The chapter suggests that discrete use of techniques or conventions can detract from process of play-making, which is at heart of engagement in drama. Brechtian and other forms of modern drama violated traditional conventions of theatre by laying bare process by which illusion was created, thus, creating new conventions. 'Tableau', 'photograph', 'sculpture', 'freeze frame', 'wax works' and 'statues' are all terms used when participants are asked to create still image with their bodies either as individuals or more usually as small group – whether to capture moment in time, to depict idea or to isolate moment of the drama.