chapter  XXV
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Chapter XXV

The pauper's huiband, thirty-eight years old, was born a.nd always lived in A., but W. a townfitip maintainin~ its own poor, had at various times, during forty years Plft, relieved the father of the pauper, and different members of his family, 'llJhi/~ th" rifttkd in anDthn-t()'UJnj£iJ>; by taking fome into the work-houfe,. relieving fome in other ways, providing coffins, and defraying the expenc:e of the funerals of othels. This was held fuflicient evidenct of the pauper's huib~nd's father being fettled in A. For In-Lord Ellenborough, C. J. "the relief was given by .the townlhip of W. to the father of the pauper's hufband, and to the different members of his' family; and this~. while they were refiding in another townfitip. This war evidence of the father of the pauper's hufband's {ettlement in W. at that time; and this is ftated to have Leen done at different times during the 1aft forty years; the patti .. cular periods are not material; for no other {ettlement has been eftablifhed fince. And all things aTC prefumed to continue in the fame fiate, unlefs (olmthing be 'fhewn to the contrary. Then, the only evidence fet up againft this is, that of the birth of the If'auper's hulband in A. which is no more than prima fici~ cvfdencc of fettlement

the~e." And, as conttafted. with the eviderlce on the other fide. is the weakeft evidence of fettlement (I).