chapter  XXII
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Chapter XXII

Of SIttlement by fer'Ving 471 OffiCI. but alfo a warden for the borough (I), a tithing man (2). petty conftable (3), or borfeholder (4), 'colleflor of the (5), and duties on bift~s and burials created by 6 & 7 Will. 3. c. 6. (6), are offices within the aa. Like .. ",ife the office of bailiff, or aletafter for a borough; which conGfis in infpe8ing weights and meafures within the borough, and warning the jury to ferve at the ,col,lrt leet there (7) ; that of aletllfier of a' borough (8); and a hogringer JOt" tht partfo; the duty being to attend the open .commons, to fee that all hogs turned thereupon, are rung, and to impound fuch as are not, the officer receiving one penny for imp'ounding, and fix pence for ringing each hog, being an office of great antiquity, and ferviceable to the inhabitants of the parifh (9), have been adjudged to confer fettlements when duly executed. Lafily, where the feffions fiated in their cafe, that the pa'uper was legally appointed gov~or in the work-houfe in the parifh of J. at an annual falary, and that the faid office is a public annual office; the court were of opinion, that the: facts ftated precluded difcuffion of how far it was Within the: aa, for the feffions had found that the pauper ferved a public annual office in the parifu (10).