chapter  XXIII
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Chapter XXIII

And in a very recent cafe, Mr. Juflice Lawrence remarks, that the juftice's power to remove, is founded on 13 Be 14 Car. 2. C. 12., which extends to any perron who ihall cQme to fettle in any tenement, under the yearly value of 101.; and thefe words never having been deemed to relate to perfons living on their oWn cftates,

S.~. 7; of ARon J. Rtx cr. Uttoseter, . Ellrr. S. c. 538. 2, Bah·, 479. PI. 4~ 7; of Grofe J. Rex'll. Stone, 6 't.,m Rep. 2.95. :a Bon, .506, PI. 5 1 I!.