chapter  XXIV
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Chapter XXIV

A N eftate, the po£reffion of which is nece£rary to gi\'C this fpecies of fettlement is defined by fir William

The nature of the thing, or property, out of which In wbat . the intereft that confers a fettlement muft arife, does. lbI .... not feem ' exprefsly defined. The reported cafes generally refpeCl: fettlements by eftate in land, and it is no where dire6l:ly confidered, whether a fettlement can be acquired by an eftate in a tenement, as that word has been explained under 13 & 14 Car. 2. (2), or in the more extenfive denomination of property, called an incorporeal hereditament (3)'

(I) :a IIl1cL COlli. 10]. l~) ARrt. 19. (]) ~ Bla,k. Com. 20. r. Woodc-


tenan tena

60 Of Settle~nt by Ejlafe. beyond ellates in land, and feems to extend this rigtlt to all interells in things immoveable, fituate with .. in a town or pari!h, which, as the party cannot take with him to the place of his fettlement, he muft be al. lowed to remain wherc ther arc, for tqe purpofe of fuperintcnding them.