chapter  4
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The bureaucratic organisation of ‘doing’ coercion

ByLuigi Gariglio

This chapter illustrates the main characteristics of the custodial complex, focusing on the organisation of 'doing' coercion at the wing level. It intends to shed some light on both the social organisation and the social actors whose duty it is to 'do' coercion. The chapter focuses on the institutions that are also almost the same in terms of hierarchical organisation, particularly in relation to prison officers' chain of command. However, 'doing' coercion was slightly more frequent at the asylum because, as the commander clearly stated in an interview, critical events were just 'a normal business' there due to the presence of both so-called 'violent prisoners'. The lower-level rank and file officers were more frequently involved in 'doing' coercion physically than the higher-ranking ones. The one doing rehabilitation would have slightly more freedom of movement than the officer responsible for the wing, and would often be off the wing or at the wing's infirmary.