chapter  9
18 Pages

Methodological afterthoughts

ByLuigi Gariglio

An interesting methodological and epistemological debate among ethnographers. At one extreme, there are ethnographers who opt for the naturalist model and, at the other extreme, those who opt for the constructionist model. When doing ethnography, paid attention to people's bodies and interactions with one another. The chapter focuses on one facility allowed to study prison officers 'doing' coercion in male custodial settings, using ethnography and adopting visual methods. Interactions with prison officers, other staff and inmates slowly became a 'normal' occurrence in day-to-day observation on the wing: deeper and more reflexive conversations emerged spontaneously or were intentionally elicited by us. Doing ethnography has been nothing like watching an exciting prison film. The Prison Officer is possibly the most significant extant text on prison officers, dealing, in particular, with England and Wales. The Prison Officer, extensive evidence was presented, drawn from an impressive body of research that the authors have conducted throughout their careers.