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ByVibeke Skov

This book talks about shame, the experience people can have of wanting to get away from being a failure in the eyes of someone else in order to hide where no one can see them. Healing shame includes working with the outer reality as well as the inner. The outer reality is important because that is the place where shaming others makes them feel small and insignificant. The book is about a reaction to that divide and suggests an integration of mind and body, cognition and affect, by using creative processes as a tool. In creative processes the affects are experienced as moments of letting go of control and 'something' else taking over. In the clinical field of psychotherapy, there seem to be different views regarding the concept of the unconscious, represented in the Freud–Jung divide. Indications of a shift in paradigm in the psychotherapeutic professions are now suggested, mainly due to the findings in neuroscience and newer attachment theories.