chapter  6
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Continuity and the casualisation of labour

The systemic corruption discourse of the Tata shop floor suggests a critical explanation for the casualisation of labour. The core of this discourse is a concern with the mechanics of political economy that focuses upon relations between social elites. While the discourse professes to explain negotiations of power, it says very little about the motivations behind them, and assumes a rather uncomplicated principal of self-interest for its class antagonists. The purpose of this chapter is to place the systemic corruption model within its proper discursive context, by situating it against the managerial counter-discourses that offer alternative explanations for the casualisation of labour. These discourses express something more reflexive than naked self-interest, and suggest important continuities between the current and former employment regime. Such continuities allow the transformation of the city and its labour regimes to not only be explained, but also implemented.