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Letter XXVIII: Tuesday, January 22, 1850

I now lay before the public the geographical history of Vagrancy-so to speak-for the last fourteen years. The table has been constructed with much care from the annual Reports of the Society in connection with the Asylums for the Houseless Poor, and it presents us with some very curious and startling results. The period of the greatest destitution appears to have been 1846-47, when it will be seen that the numbers from every part were, with but few exceptions, quadrupled. The decrease in 1847-48, it will be seen, is nearly one half in most of the English counties. In the case of Ireland, however, the vast number of destitute poor from that country who entered the Asylums in 1847-48, shows that the distress which was caused by the potato disease had not greatly abated at that time.