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The Kerodon is common at intervals along the coast of Patagonia, from the Rio Negro to the Strait of Magellan. It is very tame, and commonly feeds by day: it is said to bring forth two young ones at a birth. At the Strait of Magellan, Darwin have seen amongst the Patagonian Indians, cloaks for small children made with the skins of this little animal; and the Jesuit Falkner says, that the people of one of the southern tribes, take their name from the number of these animals which inhabit their country. Cavia Cobaia animal, known by the name of Aperea, is exceedingly common in the neighbourhood of the several towns which stand on the banks of the Rio Plata. It frequents different kinds of stations such as hedgerows made of the Agave and Opuntia, or sand-hillocks, or again, marshy places covered with aquatic plants; the latter appearing to be its favourite haunt.