chapter  3
Dreams of Empire (1901)
Pages 66

My Dear = It was very very nice last night seeing all the young enthusiasts at work, & you at their head. I wish I could have seen the whole thing, but I was in the most awful pain all the while I was there = & was violently sick when I got home! I shall be much obliged if you will order me some plain brown Covers Envelopes for this

[p. 2]

paper – I have never had any & can’t use the paper until I get the covers = I want you to tell me the easiest way to get by train to Downshire Hill & to

the Heath – I was going to Winchelsea tomorrow, but am not well enough to leave home – until a er Sunday at all events = Mr Saunders1 writes me begging for a week at Camden Town beginning

[p. 3]

the 4th February – but that is the date I begin at Belfast – I arrived saying so & also adding – “Why don’t you get the Purcell Opera for a week that date? I saw the rehearsal last night & it is beautiful.” – Don’t miss yr opportunities – You shd cultivate some of the nice people of Hampstead who want you to come to them

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Miss Bird <she is 70 & quite young –> very much wants you to go & see her & show you some of her treasures – all the furniture is by E.W.G.2 & she has

Whitman things & Leigh Hunt, Rossetti, & Burne Jones ings = a real wee house – & she is quite a dear = shall us go together one day? soon – she wd get subscribers – also Miss Beatrice

[p. 5]

Harradine3 [sic] – who wants to be a subscriber – her address is – 5 – Cannon Place – Can’t scribble more – sick & sorry

Mother –

ursday –

1134. To Elizabeth Rumball, 12 January [1901] 12th Jan =

22, Barkston Gardens, Earls Court, S.W.