chapter  7
Undated Letters (c. 1899–1904)
Pages 10

Here we are. a er a splendid journey, with a lovely day & all seeing well = what news I won-

der lies before us ? – I wish I cd have le you less harrased [sic] by business worries my dear old Ted – but mayhaps things have straightened themselves out a bit by now – & Jess may be less busy, & able to help you again = is dreadful Ocean between us alarms me sometimes – I seem to be so frightfully out of reach =

Plaza Hotel1 – urs eve =

New York wondrously improved! – Heavens they are a marvellous people – Flowers – letters – books – everything waiting for me here = Mary Bond on the steamer waiting – & sends her love to you & Edie = I wish you were all here = Bless you – now for work. Oh the letters!!! Bestest love – Mother –

A Happy new year To

Booie = 19 – Nelly – 01

Friday 28th1

Bring some nice book Saturday early – for I’ll have to rush it rather a er the Play = I’m telling Edie Lane to meet me Charing X few

[p. 2]

minutes before 7. I’m going to Winchelsea for the Sat night, drive over to Farm on Sunday evening & we will return Tuesday evening to London =

I’ve not slept in the a ernoons at all ever since I saw you !! so come quite surely on Saturday my darling to yr. Horrid Snoozer [sic]

1375. To Stephen Coleridge, Wednesday Wednesday

215, King’s Road Chelsea.