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A Dream Deferred

I suppose the stories about my grandfather had a lot to do with my determination. After all, I was the granddaughter of a hero. I had to live up to that. My grandfather was a tall, muscular man, well over six feet tall, with shiny black skin and a shaved head. He had an affinity with the land. He grew crops where crops failed all around him. The Ku Klux Klan came to his home in Alabama in the dead of night and forced him and his family to leave so that they could

take his land and crops. When he was able to relocate and replant, they came again, but they were not going to profit from my grandfather's green thumb a second time. My grandfather and his sons hid the smaller children in the trees and exchanged shots with the Klansmen until morning. In the morning, they set fire to the fields, packed up the family, and moved to Louisiana.