chapter  3
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The Popular Art Cultural Niche

Although there are some commonalties between Fine Art and Popular Art, they are actually different and distinct types of art. Their conditions for production are different. Their distribution systems are different. They appeal to different audiences. They have different ideologies. They have different powers. Popular art is not bad Fine Art because it is not Fine Art at all, but art of a distinct and separate cultural niche. Popular Art has value and power in contemporary culture. As we discussed in the last chapter, Fine Art is not the true vanguard of culture at the present time. That vanguard is now in mass-media and massmarket art. Popular Art, Design Art, and advertising are pushing into new mental spaces and Fine Art is maintaining the old traditional ones like reason, objectivity, and critical thought. As we will discuss, the power of Popular Art is expanding our mental abilities in directions away from rationality and pushing culture forward.