chapter  7
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New Directions in Chinese Security Studies

American scholarship on post-l 949 Chinese security policy has developed into a number of subdisciplines. The most popular of these includes PRC policy toward the superpowers, regional security affairs, crisis behavior, defense policy, and international economic policy. Each area has developed a body of literature revealing rich and important in sights into the sources of PRC unilateral and multilateral behavior aimed at protecting Chinese interests. Regarding the superpowers, a stimulating and productive scholarly debate has unfolded over the relative importance of domestic and international factors in influencing Chinese policy. In other areas, scholars have developed a consensus concerning patterns of PRC behavior. Nevertheless, throughout the foreign policy field, with only a few exceptions, there is but little evidence that scholars are venturing into new areas of research. Rather than further consolidate the existing consensus, the time has come to promote promising new areas of research and to seek new debates amid disharmony.