chapter  3
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Rediscovery of Political History

Yusuf Akchura's famous treatise "Three Policies" was first published in Cairo in the newspaper Turk (nos. 24-34). Due to Ottoman censorship under the rule of Abdiilhamid II, a number of oppositionist periodicals opposing1 were printed in Cairo, then under British rule. Among these were not only Turk, but also alNahdah, published by Ismail Bey Gaspirali (1854-1914),2 who was related to Akchura by marriage. In 1912 "Three Policies" was reprinted in pamphlet form in Istanbul. It was reissued in 1976 with an introduction by the late E.Z. Karal and two of the original responses to the work, by Ali Kemal and Ahmet Ferit {Tek). The issues discussed in "Three Policies" have engaged wide attention over the decades and hold no less interest today. A brief biography of Akchura is provided by David Thomas.3