chapter  12
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The Socio-Eeonomic Doctrine on Ideal Enterprise and Good Management: A Summary of Concrete Economy from Quesnay to Keynes

Beyond the details and nuances in the various doctrines concerning enterprise and management from Quesnay to Keynes, there lies a truly radical message. The firm is, for the concrete economist, the only weapon against national imbalance. The business is, in other words, an instrument for dealing with the crises and conflicts that result from imbalance. Driven to its limit the message is this: only through the enterprise are wars and civil disturbances to be avoided. This is because the doctrine of the enterprise provides the only radical rule away from the state fiscalism and company capitalism that create national imbalance. When left-wing politicians, for example, the social democratic students of Gunnar Myrdal, advocate a strong fiscal state to replace the logic of company capitalism, such a proposal is, from the point of view of concrete economics, pseudoradicalism. On the other hand, it is necessary to reject the alternative right-wing proposal that the fiscal state should be reduced to a company in order to reconstruct capitalism in the future. The concrete economist knows that the fiscal state and company capitalism function with the same logic.