chapter  5
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Human Rights: A Time for Hard Decisions

Marxist-Leninist doctrine rigidly classified people by their class origins. There was the ruling class of workers, there was peasantry that had to be "tolerated," there were classes that were to be wiped out The class approach rendered completely irrelevant the issue of the rights of a human as an autonomous individual with his/her interests and aspirations. Nicholas Berdyaev pointed to

That the partocratic state power did succeed in fooling the people is the most paradoxical thing in this historical situation. There were people who were completely taken in by propaganda Others (and they were the majority) understood the illusory nature of our life but were unable to grasp the entirety of the regime's ruthlessness and falseness due to the lack of transparency of government, the lack of information, and the imposed ideological stereotypes. Only a handful of people joined the human rights movement and vigorously opposed human rights violations, risking their freedom and sometimes their lives.