chapter  18
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Human Rights Education for a New World Order

Second, it is not coincidental that the Brown decision occurred at the height of McCarthyism in the United States. In the struggle for ideological supremacy at that time, the Soviet Union used the existence of separate and unequal "Jim Crow" schools in the United States to great effect with third world audiences. The Supreme Court, the president, and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) were all aware of the influence of international politics on the case. However, this ideological struggle was not confined to the courts alone. In the state of Ohio, for example, schools were required to teach capitalism before exposing students to socialism. Florida specifically required a course entitled "Americanism and Communism," in which neither the teacher nor the textual material assigned to the course could "present Communism as preferable to the system of constitutional government and the free enterprise, competitive economy indigenous to the United StateS."3