chapter  8
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The History of Environmental Protection in Poland and the Growth of Awareness and Activism

Europe and the protection of nature from the jurisdiction of specifically Polish authorities-was the royal protection of particular species and reserves typical of that practiced by monarchs in Europe over those centuries. Particularly noteworthy is the long preservation in Poland by royal decree of the European bison.1 Beginning in the eighth century with the protection of the beaver during the reign of Boleslaw the Brave, traditional conservation of natural resources took shape in the fourteenth century (under Wladyslaw Jagiello, the king of the joined commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania) with the prohibition of excessive cutting and export of pine and the promulgation of severe restrictions on the hunting of deer, boar, tarpon, and moose. Succeeding kings, Zygmunt I the Old in the fifteenth century, and Stefan Batory and Zygmunt III Wasa in the sixteenth century, issued further decrees on the protection of threatened species.2