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WithM. M. Boguslavsky, P. S. Smirnov

The Twenty-seventh Congress of the CPSU posited as strategic policy the acceleration of the nation’s socioeconomic development, a policy that is oriented to the long term. What this means is that a goal has been formulated and an entire array of means have been identified with the help of which the posited goal may be achieved. Such a new quality of growth assumes dynamism, qualitative reforms in the economy, structural reorganization, changes in the technical base of production, and the fostering of a special climate in the economy that is conducive to achieving progress in science and technology. These are the principal features of the strategy of acceleration. The changes wrought in the nation’s foreign economic relations should be judged against the backdrop of just such an understanding of the nature of restructuring in the USSR. It must be clear that only the very first steps have been taken so far.