chapter  6
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Enterprises (Associations) and their Foreign Trade Companies

WithM. M. Boguslavsky, P. S. Smirnov

Naturally, the Draft, and subsequently the Law itself, met with great interest. Knowledge of what role state enterprises would play in the USSR’s foreign economic operations was especially important to those working in foreign trade and having scientific-technological and economic ties with Soviet organizations. As know, the idea behind the Law was to summarize experience, to give legal force to all the positive aspects that arose in the drive toward the broad expansion of economic independence and toward raising the role and authority of state enterprises. The Law of the USSR on the State Enterprise (Association) has become a major source of norms for Soviet law: it consists of a preamble and three sections making for a total of twenty-five articles, each of which is subdivided into clauses, the overall number of which is one hundred thirteen. The Law affirms that foreign economic operations are an integral part of the enterprise’s work.