chapter  8
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Legal Forms of Relations Between Industry and Foreign Trade

WithM. M. Boguslavsky, P. S. Smirnov

In principle, the structure of relations will remain, it appears, largely unaltered after the reorganization. But their content is to be provided in many respects with largely new forms, as these relations must become more developed, deeper, and more complex. The organizational isolation of industry and foreign trade made it difficult to achieve the planned economic coordination of their interests. This situation became a brake on the mobilization of export resources, the rationalization of exports and imports, and the development of new, advanced forms and methods of foreign economic relations. Gaining greater access to foreign markets is vital for industry if it is to help in multiplying the nation’s export resources, in forming and continuously replenishing stocks of competitive industrial products, in studying technical questions at a greater level of expertise, and at securing the commercial effectiveness of foreign trade contracts.