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I-GENERAL HOLDINGS SERIALS: China Christian Educational Association, Bulletin, 1926. CHINESE LANGUAGE MATERIALS: Book on anti-missionary activities, 1958.

Box U-5, Room 132 369 Fairfield Road Storrs CT 06268 (203) 486-2524 Richard Schimmelpfeng, Special Collections

I-GENERAL HOLDINGS DISSERTATIONS/THESES: A CenturyolChinese Christian Edueation: An Analysis 01 the True Light Seminary and Its Suceessors in Canton and Hong Kong, by Chen Kuan-yu, 1972. The Educational Philosophy and Work 01 Welthy Honsinger Fisher in China and India: 1906-1980, by Colleen Adele Kelly, 1983. Matteo Ried, S.J. in China, 1583-1610: A Case Study 01 aPrecursor in Edueational Anthropology, by Rosalie Judith Ford, 1985.