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Background note: Among the Division ofEthnology's photographs are 107 photos taken by missionaries Divie Bethune McCartee and David Crockett Graharn. Divie Bethune McCartee served as a medical missionary in Ningpo from 1844 to 1872. His travels also took him to Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Chefoo. David Crockett Graharn was an American Baptist missionary and educator, and a field collector for the United States National Museum ofthe Smithsonian. See also the David Crockett Graharn Papers (RU 7148) in the Smithsonian Institute Archives (above). The Graharn and McCartee photos are intermed with other photos on China. AUDIO-VISUAL MATERIALS: Ca. 100 photos taken by Graharn of the culture and civilization of Szechuan, including native scenes, Lolo and Miao tribesmen, and especially religious practices, shrines, and priests, 1911-48; 7 photos of a Chinese bride and bridegroom, Buddhist priest, and other aspects of Chinese culture, taken by McCartee, 1844-72.