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PAMPHLETS: A Challenge from China, by Frances Schlosser, 1940; James Hudson Taylor II, God's Man in China, by Leona Fear, n.d.; Kai/eng Bible School, Free Methodist Church, 1949; memorial folder on Grinnell Memorial Hospital, by lohn Dryer Green, 1937; Our China Mission, by Helen I. Root, 1932; Our Church in China, by Helen Root, 1932; 2 pamphlets from China missionaries, 1917, 1923; a tribute to Edith Frances Iones, by Mattie Peterson, 1951. MEMORABILlA: Harriet Ashcraft's obituary, 1967; Edith Graves' meta! slate; Edith Graves' notes on missionary colleagues, 1905-7; 4 rubbings from Chinese stone slabs, by E. P. Ashcraft, n.d.; missionaries' and elders' licenses, ordination service program, 1921; prayer letter, 1965; c1ipping on Lora Iones, 1980; visa for Lily Peterson, 1907; 3 clippings of tributes to Mattie Peterson on her death by Norman Edwards and Lydia Green, 1977. MAPSIDESIGNSIDRAWINGS: 9 large charts and maps, 193651; 5 Bible study charts, 1922-41; map ofChina, with a "chart on the prophesies fulfllied concerning Iesus Christ," by E. P. Ashcraft, 1932; map of China by E. P. Ashcraft, 1924. AUDIO-VISUAL MATERIALS: Photo of Edith Graves. SERIALS: Chinese Back to Jerusalem Evangelistic Band, 1949. Nurse in China, 1946. Praise and Prayer, 1927-35, 1937. CHINESE LANGUAGE MATERIALS: Metal slate bearing writing, n.d.